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  • The USAG Bavaria installation in Garmisch includes Sheridan Barracks and Artillery Kaserne. USAG Bavaria - Garmisch Community supports three mission partners: the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies at Sheridan Kaserne, the NATO School in nearby Oberammergau, and the Armed Forces Recreation Center. The garrison also supports numerous smaller units and facilities spread across Southern Bavaria.

George C. Marshall European Center

  • The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, located on Sheridan Kaserne, is a unique U.S. Department of Defense and German Ministry of Defense security and defense studies institute. Since its dedication in 1993, its mission has been to create a more stable security environment by advancing democratic institutions and relationships. With an international faculty and staff from 10 partner nations, the Center offers five graduate-level resident courses, outreach events such as conferences, seminars and workshops, a research program, foreign area studies and foreign language training.

NATO School

  • The NATO School located in Oberammergau, about 12 miles to the northwest of Garmisch, is NATO's key training facility on the operational level. Since 1953, the NATO School has trained and educated members of the Alliance as well as personnel from partner nations. The mission of the NATO School is to conduct courses, training and seminars in support of NATO's current and developing strategy and policy. This includes cooperation and dialogue with military and civilian personnel from Non-NATO nations. The School strives for top-down clarity of vision in the educational process, especially during the present.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

  • The Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch promises to peacefully surround you in Bavarian culture and luxury accommodations and offers an array of guest amenities, entertainment, and recreation activities.

Interim Deputy Garrison Manager-Garmisch

Brandi G. Stauber

Brandi G. Stauber became Deputy Garrison Manager at Garmisch in September, 2018.

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