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Tower Barracks Taxis:

Tina’s Taxi Crew 0174-185-3101

Taxi Renner 09641-926-8969

Rene´s Taxi 0171-498-8810

Stefan Farago 09641-3959

Henry’s Taxi 0152-5353-1639

Rose Barracks Taxis:

Taxi André Piehler 0171-369-5156

Mike's Taxi 0160-9925-2550

Sertl Bernhardt 09662-7604

Taxi Piehler Oliver 0170-480-1050

When calling either taxi dispatcher you should:

  • Request a taxi driver with a U.S. Installation Pass

    Make this clear several times. This is critical. If the driver does not have a pass, the driver will not be allowed on-post.

  • Specify your pick-up point.

    Just saying "Tower" or "Rose" is not enough. Clearly indicate Tower Barracks or Rose Barracks and give a specific building number or street address.

  • Give them your full name.

  • Give them your phone number.

    Cell phone preferred

  • Specify the time of pick-up.

    Preferably in advance, especially if you need to go or come from the airport.*

  • Specify number of passengers

    If you are traveling to the airport, report the total number of suitcases. American luggage sizes are larger than European sizes. Also report how many passengers will be going. This will determine the vehicle or if they have to come with two cars. These companies do not have many vans. If you have small infants, you will need to bring your own child's vehicle safety seat. It is not a requirement for taxi's to provide that.

  • Specify destination.

  • Be prepared to pay in full with euros (€).

    Be prepared to pay all taxi driver's in euros. Some taxis do not accept U.S. dollars or any form of credit.


    The best thing to do is call in advance and coordinate an appointment in order to get the larger vehicles. All taxis will be searched upon arrival at the installation Access Control Point (ACP) at any installation, even with U.S. ID cardholders as passengers. Taxi drivers without installation passes CAN NOT be signed in to any USAG Bavaria installation.